Cat Lake Friends of Animush

Improving community mental health in fly-in First Nations communities through improved animal welfare.

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Vanier Consulting is now registered as an Aboriginal Business

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The McIver Decision
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Welcome to Vanier Consulting

Our diversified team of professionals believes that people are the foundation to any success story;

That Communities can only grow when capacity meets competency with appropriate support mechanisms and problem solving systems that stand the test of time;

Where traditional values, acknowledgement of our past, and a bonefide commitment and investment in our future generations become part of our present approaches;

Where difficulties and barriers are transformed into respectful boundaries;

And where safe dialogue and interaction on all levels is encouraged and supported;

We believe that Change and Conflict co exist, and that you cannot have one without the other…

Our Mission is to provide a holistic approach that embraces the whole person, the Community, the organization, irregardless of the geographic or cultural diversity.
Our Goal is to insure that everyone who participates is a benefactor of results even if they are not directly involved.

Conflict does not have to be an endless repeat of history, Resolutions however are a fresh start and the turning of the page to build tomorrow, honoring past with the gift of the present.

Chi Miigwetch

Cyndy and Pierre Vanier