Cat Lake Friends of Animush

Vanier Consulting is supporting the Cat Lake Friends of Animush organization in their Spay/ Neuter and vaccination program

in remote Ontario aboriginal communities.



Cat Lake Friends of Animush are back from their annual northern humane animal welfare trip and have two lovely dogs approximately 1 1/2 years old. 


Pups, the black lab, was released by a family as the owner was not being responsible.  The dog was attached to a shed wall on a double chain about 2 feet long.  He could back into his dog house for shelter and did not get to see the world at large.  He is a very happy and energetic good boy enjoying his freedom now.  He is good to come when called and has been walking off leash in our woods since coming here. Pups loves the water and is quite an active guy who will need someone with time and energy to exercise him, as with any lab!


Misty, the light Shepx is lovely, smallish and loves to run in the woods.  Good recall with her too.   Misty seemed a little shy of children but warmed up quickly and did not show any sign of aggression towards them.  Misty is quiet in her manner and is happy to go for her walks, investigate her surroundings and watch the world go by from the deck or dock.

Both have socialized really well, have good eating manners and come when called.


As per the group's contract any person interested in adoption must have a safe environment for the dog with fencing or invisible fencing unless with the person responsible.  They are not to be tethered for extended periods of time and are to be a part of the family and have the opportunity to be well socialized.  We make a home visit before and after adoption. We charge $150.00 for adoption.  We request that the dog be returned to us at any time of their lives if they no longer fit into the life of their home.  If this happens within the first year the fee is returned.



Please contact our office for more information on adopting either of these animals.


Donation to the Dreamcatcher Foundation to help First Nation Youth

Read the article about how 10 year old Kaiya Maracle is helping First Nation youth.

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Aboriginal Business Directory

Vanier Consulting is now registered in the Aboriginal Business Directory (ABD)under the

Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business (PSAB).

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Tribute to Lillian Pitawanakwat



Excerpt from the Eulogy Delivered by Cyndy Vanier


“Lillian had left some notes for me, with words that I have now realized are probably the things she would want you to know if she were able to say these things to us today. In addition to all that has already been shared today, I don’t know how else to capture all that you have done Lillian, Mama‚Ķ These are Lillian’s words which I have put into sentences and when I did this, it became her message which I would like to share with you as part of her Eulogy:”



I am only where you need me

Use your third eye to see

My time with you in this place has allowed me to fly free


I will be here in the West doorway

That is where I am today


I am that Thunder in the sky

I am the cleansing when you cry


Celebrate our time together please don’t stay sad

Remember all our laughter and special times we had

(“Helping hands are healing hands”)


For me this is just a stepping stone

You will never be alone

I am the wind that blows so softly

The cold to wake you up


The snow that falls so softly and makes a beautiful scene

Keep walking on that road, and all the places we have been


I am the water in the rivers, the travelling streams

That carries you to spring time, and I will find you in your dreams


I am only one breath away

From where you are today


So when the sun is shining, let it warm you if you’re cold

And let that hurt and pain you feel -let it go, it is not yours to hold


And one more thing before I go, there is so much left to do

I left it all in order and now its there for you

I taught you well and I’m not scared,

I know you are prepared


Even though you don’t see it clearly now

I’ll be standing with you to show you how


Remember, put your soma down

And Hold my family tight

Keep your fire burning, your own eternal light.


Chi Miigwetch from all of us Mama for your unconditional love


Bon ma pii


“Love you lots!”

(Which is what she always said when on the phone, or when departing)



The McIver Decision

Documentation of the constitutional appeal concerning the entitlement of a person to be registered as an Indian.
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