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Cyndy Vanier is a Chartered Mediator who has provided Mediation Services to public and private Sector since 1992. Mediation is supported worldwide as the preferred mechanism to address conflicts from the board room to the blockade, within an organizational setting, department, between contractors, within government or an issue that involves a government issue. Mediation is more cost effective than court processes, and when implemented early can facilitate restoration of relationship and preserve community relationships with third parties. (i.e. First Nation communities and Mining Companies, or other third parties wishing to conduct business in traditional territory). Mediation is voluntary and the parties have control over the outcomes that they may or may not agree to. Agreements reached through mediation rarely deteriorate because mediation agreements address the needs and interests of the parties rather than the rights (which is the focus of a court process or judicial hearing). Creative solutions and outcomes are encouraged through mediation which is why mediation settlements are so successful and achieved much faster than in a court process.

Emergency Crisis Response Negotiation
There are times when a Conflict Crisis erupts that involves many people, multiple stakeholders and is often closely scrutinized by the general public and media. Our specialized team has the capacity to respond in the most remote and difficult environments to enable the Response Team to come to the conflict in a timely manner and in the location that is at the heart of the dispute. This approach requires a 24 hour response system that can be implemented by air or land to bring the team to the theatre. There are occasions where safety and security are of paramount concern to which our team is equipped with specialists trained to manage the most contentious of issues. Our mobile command centre is also equipped with communication systems and mobile office to accommodate any number of situations. Our Team is also prepared to provide crisis response and support particularly if there are extreme circumstances that involve search and rescue, kidnap, blockade, protests, or other catastrophic events that require facilitated approaches to prevent or minimize frustration and anger.

Dispute Resolution Process Design and Governance Capacity Building
Often the Cause and Affect of a conflict result in the need to develop a preventative tool that can be put in place. These systems and preventative tools include policies and procedures for Organizations, Community infrastructure processes to facilitate better dialogue with third parties, Custom Election Code and Governance Systems (ideally suited to First Nations and Chief and Councils wishing to have a Custom Election Code system to provide custom governance to their membership.) Organizations also benefit from structured negotiation processes and Impact Benefit consultation guidelines to provide a foundation for building positive relationships with one or more stakeholders.

Our team has two components to training. For those who wish to become a mediator or enter the field of negotiation, we believe in mentoring and referring candidates to programs such as York University Certificate Program or other training opportunities that will assist interested persons in achieving appropriate training in the area of Mediation. We are also able to deliver and design custom programs suitable for delivery within an organization that are tailored to the environment, needs and culture. Some examples of Custom Training as part of our Building Bridges series: Managers dealing with conflict in the workplace, Chief and Council orientation retreats in conjunction with Custom Code implementation, Work place Bullying, lateral violence, How to say no nicely, End of Life choices and options for care givers and families, grievance and administration of policies, Complaints management, How to be heard without turning up the volume.

Addictions and Substance Abuse/program design and referral, counseling services for youth and Adult/Victim Offender
Pierre Vanier, partner in Vanier Consulting has an extensive career in working with Youth Addiction and substance abuse issues. Pierre worked as Director of Portage Ontario and went into private practice in November 2006 and has been providing consulting, counseling to youth and families dealing with substance abuse and addiction illness. Pierre has experience working in First Nation Communities and has facilitated group sessions on good choices and life skills. The holistic approach to healing from within to enable those who struggle with this devastating illness has enabled individuals, youth, adults and families, workplaces and educational institutions to create better solutions. These solutions are based on cultural needs, and promote open honest confrontation to begin a healing journey that encompasses the family as a unit. As part of the service commitment and continuum program design and outsourcing of services can also be provided. Facilitating between victim, offender, families and the courts; also includes correctional facilities. Advises on placement and treatment alternatives; works with all parties towards the maximum recovery possible for the entire family unit.

Consulting and Program Design
We are able to assist with providing guidance and consultation services during difficult situations which include Communities, Companies, Work places, and other service providers, governments and leadership both political and corporate. Some of our programs include workplace violence prevention strategies, event investigation, group team building processes, capacity building and analysis of needs for training and development from a Human Resources perspective. Our expertise can also design workplace substance abuse programs and source appropriate programs for recovery and follow up support following a substance abuse program attended by an individual or group.

Fact-finding can help identify & research disputed facts in a particular case. A fact finding is performed by a neutral third-party. This neutrality and outsider status can help uncover important details in an unbiased and non-confrontational manner. Fact-finding can be particularly helpful in complex situations where all the facts aren't evident to all of the parties involved, and where the facts will have a meaningful impact on the outcome of negotiations.