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Cynthia Vanier, C.Med.
Cynthia Vanier has been providing Dispute Resolution Services as a private practitioner since 1992 and has acted as a Negotiator, Mediator, Fact Finder and Consultant. Cynthia Vanier is a Chartered Mediator with a well-established and unique practice dedicated to unconventional Mediation work.

Cynthia works primarily within First Nation communities with issues involving land claims, intergovernmental conflict, community issues, and stakeholder facilitations. (Mining industry, business, financial and multi party issues involving land claims, usage, treaty rights.) Cynthia is also trained in other areas including Kidnap, Ransom Negotiations and Asset Recovery facilitation. Cynthia has a one of a kind instant response team established to respond to conflicts within Ontario with a recognized ability to diffuse and calm the most contentious and difficult environments. This Response team approach has contributed to safe early and productive dialogue enabling stakeholders to preserve relationships and move forward in a healthy positive framework.

Pierre Vanier
Confidential Addiction Consulting Services. Private one-on-one case management, program design for group, EAP, adolescent and community need. Assessment, referral, and personal confidential plan of care. A holistic overview to encompass all those wanting to be involved through personal and group dynamics in developing a path to recovery. Including co-hoing, human resource and conflict resolution. Only you can do it but it can’t be done alone.

Case management focus on substance abuse issue, family component, recreational, education/employment, spirituality and goal focus idealism. Pierre Vanier has many years in the addictions field and has personal accomplishments to fully understand and help those in need.

Lisa Scheeringa
Lisa Scheeringa joined our team in April 2009, and brings technical and administrative support both at the home base office and also on the road onsite with the negotiation teams. Lisa conducts fact finding interviews and applies her love of people and compassion to her interviewing style. Her proficiency and computer skills allow both clients and mediation team members to benefit from expedited note taking and turnaround of minutes and document production. Logistics coordination and facilitation of client needs adds a degree of expertise that further enhances the teams capacity to multi task and deliver key items in a professional timely manner which is aligned with the resolution processes as they are implemented and events unfold.


What We Do


Mediation, Emergency Crisis Response,
Dispute Resolution Process Design, Training,
Substance Abuse Program Design,
Consulting and Program Referrals

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